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Mongolian Knucklebone Fortune Telling

BC Mongolian

Feb 5th | 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Feb 6th | 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Virtual Fortune Telling

Fortune Telling games are often played after the New Year’s meal. Knucklebone fortune telling is a tradition and superstition in Mongolian culture. While some people believe it and some don’t, everyone is welcome to try. Mongolians use animal bones to tell their fortunes, usually a sheep or goat’s wrist bones. The naturally uneven shape of the bones allow for many interpretations of fate. 

How to have your fortunes told by the knucklebones:

  1. Hold the bones in both palms.
  2. Bring it close and whisper your question into the bones.
  3. Throw the bones!
  4. The reader will tell your fortune based on the positions the bones land in.

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About the Community

The BC Mongolian Community Society was founded in 1998. The BC Mongolian Community Society (BCMCS) is a non-profit organization that has the mission to strengthen the Mongolia-Canada relations and to contribute to the future development of Mongolia by preserving our language, culture, and traditions through our youth, and by promoting the Mongolian traditional culture, its history, and its distinguishing features into the mosaic culture of Canada.

The BC Mongolian Community Society aims to serve as a network of Mongolians, including Mongolian alumni of BC universities, nurturing personal and professional links between members, and encouraging the sharing of skills and knowledge. They celebrate the long-term friendship and on-going cultural link with Canada, sustained through a diverse program of activities, such as events to commemorate Canada Day, Victoria Day, and Family Day. The society also shares news, information and resources with its members and the wider Mongolia-Canada community. They organize major Mongolian holidays, including Naadam, Lunar Festival, Child and Mother’s Day, and sport activities, as well as promote any initiatives to preserve Mongolian language and cultures among Mongolians.

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