School Outreach Lantern Workshop

School outreach

January 10 to February 2

Like precious jewels nestled in a treasure box, animals living in nature should also be protected and cherished. When we come “Together, Stronger” to care for our shared home on Earth, there is no end to what we can achieve.

Ushering in the Year of the Tiger, 2022 LunarFest’s Treasure Box Lantern craft introduces two members of the wild cat family that are facing changes in their lifestyle and natural habitat. Open up the colourful treasure box to find a Canadian lynx perched on an icy mountain top and a Taiwanese leopard cat at its base, patiently waiting for their stories to be unraveled. Students will get to fold their own treasure box lantern that can be hung as decoration at home or attached to their backpacks. 

Due to schools being in different phases of opening doors for external workshop facilitators, this year’s workshops will be offered both virtually and in-person. Please be aware of your school’s restrictions when registering for a workshop and advise the LunarFest team of any necessary information.



School Tour begins from January 10th to February 2nd, 2022. Applications are open now until December 31st. There are limited sessions available, so book yours now!


After receiving workshop registrations, SWACT will schedule and contact teachers via email to confirm a time and date.

For virtual sessions, SWACT will deliver materials to schools before the scheduled date.


Virtual sessions:

On the day of the workshop, please join the workshop session at the scheduled time via the provided Teams or Zoom link. 

In-person sessions:

The workshop leaders arrive at the designated classroom with materials ready. 

Workshop leaders will share the stories of the lynx and the leopard cat, and then guide students on how to fold their paper lantern box. Once completed, the paper lantern box can be taken home as decoration, or can be hung on the students’ backpacks as a charm.

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