West End Wishes

Lady Hao Hao

Jan 30th – Feb 15th
Cardero Street & Robson Street

Fulfilled, Fortune, and Good (滿 福 好)—are a wish for the community and a hope for the future, that the Year of the Tiger may fill our bellies and also bring us good things to share. These three characters are also the embodiment of Lady Hao Hao’s experience living abroad as an immigrant artist.

to truly learn about and understand this land we live on, to break through stereotypes and expand our imaginations.

everything we’ve experienced in this Western society and this country has allowed us to move forwards.

to use an optimistic attitude for future expectations and a positive outlook to face anything tomorrow may bring.

In 2022, despite this pandemic, let us continue to get to know each other, and, with utmost respect and kindness, celebrate our diversity together!

About the Artist

Lady Hao Hao is a visual artist originally from Taiwan; she feels that she has blossomed because of Canada.

Enjoying using abstract concepts to express, she refuses her works to be socialized. Every piece of her work is an intimate conversation between her audience and herself; like or dislike is just the beginning of their getting to know one another.

Constantly reminding herself, artist isn’t just a title nor a description of a job; it is about the purpose of the work or the responsibility of a person.

Like most immigrants, getting proficient in English and finding ways to fit in were top priorities. The silver lining of not doing as well in improving her linguistic skill and keeping herself close to her community is the re-learning of her own heritage and identity. The cultural differences in Canada have also allowed her to appreciate herself as a person. In the world of arts, differences in cultures are easily conveyed; it has opened up the world for her. Finding herself is the biggest gift of her moving to Canada.



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