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18 Olivia Patiakas

Olivia Patiakas

To me, this new ballet has really allowed me to reflect on this past year. The central message of the ballet that I most connect with is the importance of unity and sharing our experiences with those around us that we care about. Our main character goes on a journey to realize what values are truly most important and returns home with a new found sense of joy. This time last year I was studying abroad to pursue my dreams as a dancer and my time at my school was cut short because of the pandemic, and with it all the milestones and experiences I had my heart set on before graduating. However, when I look back, despite those disappointments it meant I got to spend time with my family at home which I had not been able to do for many years. Returning to dance and joining Coastal City Ballet this season allowed me to express that feeling of belonging in this new work that I am so excited to perform.

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