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15 Jordan Cooper

Jordan Cooper

I remember receiving an email over the winter break; we were finally getting the opportunity to perform a real ballet on a real stage. For the first time in over a year, I was going to be able to do what I truly love. As Iʼm sure is the case with most performing artists, this past year has been hard for me. Being unable to perform, create, and learn in the ways we are so used to left me unmotivated and disinterested. When I found out we were doing the show, I suddenly found my old drive, I was once again looking forward to the future. This can be extrapolated to the journey of the main character in “Whispers of the Soul”. She was bored with the monotony of her life and struggled to see the value in her every day. After exploring the three realms and learning valuable lessons along the way, she came to find excitement in her life once again. Being part of this piece has taught me to work in new ways, and to appreciate each moment of our lives.

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