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Coastal City Ballet

Company Director_Ana Paula Oioli

Ana Paula Oioli

Company Director

I left my small hometown when I was just 16 to move to a big city, by myself, to improve my skills and get a chance of becoming a professional dancer. One year later I got accepted to the Munich Opera House School in Germany and I left my home country to finally be in a professional school. 

Some 15 years later, different countries, many experiences and dream roles, I can finally say that I have the maturity to look back and be so very grateful and thankful for my family to always have given me the support, strength and courage to pursue my dreams and keep going, even when things were hard. I would never be able to accomplish the things I did without them.

This story reminds me about how family is always with you, no matter the distance or time. They are your support and strength in difficult times and the ones that cheer you the most after your accomplishments and victories. We will always be connected and happy having a family and a community, which we can always count on.

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