of the Soul

Coastal City Ballet

Katrina Bois

Artistic Director

When I think of the phrase “Family is Everything” two very distinct ideas come to mind. At first glance, it seems to me that “Family is Everything” implies that family is important. I would most definitely agree. I am blessed with a family that supported my dreams of pursuing the arts and allowed me to make choices for my life at a very young age. I am also blessed with my own family. Raising a young daughter, I often reflect on the value that I would like to teach her as she grows and “Whispers of the Soul” portrays many of them.

But at second glance, I see that “Family is Everything” is also, in some ways, a definition. With multi-racial relationships, mixed-race children, second marriages, half siblings, non-biological parents or grandparents, generational gaps, and so much more, my family is a real life version of “Modern Family.” I realize that so many families these days are not defined in any traditional way. But family is love. Family is support. And aside from that, family can be anything.

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