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The Untold Story of Shacha Sauce

Lin-Yi Tseng

For Taiwanese people, Shacha sauce is a kitchen staple and a must-have sauce for hot pots.  However, very few actually know that Shacha sauce had its origin traced back to Malacca in Malaysia.  From this untold story of Shacha, offers an opportunity to take a deeper dive into learning how Taiwanese culinary culture has evolved.

This is not just a food story but also a story of migration; it is about what is an import and what is local.  Like Canada, Taiwan’s diversity is reflected in the culinary scene and the acceptance and appreciation of various foods, representing the future of a unique food culture.  From Professor Lin-Yi Tseng’s unveiling of the Shacha story to the third-generation-owner of a hot pot restaurant, we really get a taste of cultures coming together.

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Lin-Yi Tseng

Lin-Yi Tseng received her M.A. from the University of Tokyo and Ph.D. from the Department of History at City University of New York. She is currently a faculty at the Center for General Education at Taipei Medical University. Professor Tseng is interested in modern Japanese history, Modern Taiwanese history, migration, and food history. She has published several academic papers, such as “The Deer Industry and Velvet-Antler Consumption in Postwar Taiwan, 1950s-1990s,” “Uji Tea and Taiwan Oolong Tea: Miyoshi Tokusaburo and Exchange between Japan and Taiwan,” and “Frenemy: Cooperation and Competition among Taiwanese Merchants, Japanese Colonizers, and Local Chinese Merchants in Early Twentieth-Century Shantou.”

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