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The Lunar New Year celebration is never complete without getting a reading for the future! LunarFest visited Taiwan to get a taste of how Taiwanese people actually get their divine inspirations.  The Xia Hai City God Temple in Taipei is a relatively small temple but has attracted tourists from Japan, Korea, US, and as far as Europe to take a peek at their future. 

In partnership with Taipei’s Xia Hai City God Temple, “The Bullish Future” will show you the tradition of entrusting divine influence. Remember to get a reading of the fortune designed by TAIWANfest artist Kuan-Chih Su for the year to come whether it is for love, career, health or wealth!

Fortune Telling

Experience different fortune-telling like no other! Follow the steps below to receive an inspirational phrase and see what awaits you this Ox-Picious year!

Let’s choose a theme that you wish to get a reading for your upcoming year.

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Stay up to date to receive our new CULTURAL PROGRAMS

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