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The person you are waiting for is just around the corner. You should look at the ones around you lest you miss your “special” person.
You never know if there is a chance to develop something more than friendship, so seize opportunities to explore the right choices.
Those who wait patiently will meet that right person and enjoy good relationships. Do not force things to happen; let the opportunities lead the way.
People who have left are meant to teach you a lesson, but the ones who are beside you are going to stay. People come and people go, Monday through Sunday. They’ll love you one day, and maybe you’ll someday grow.
Stop holding onto what is not yours. What is meant to be yours will never be too far to reach.
If it is destined, what has left will come back; if it is not meant to be, separation is inevitable.
Remember, anyone can love you when the sun is shining. In the storms is where you learn who truly cares for you.
Stay the best you for Mr./Mrs. Right, and never let him/her go.
You may already know your Mr./Mrs. Right through friends. If there is already someone in your heart, talking to your friends and listening to their suggestions may give you a better result.
You are already in the heart of the one who’s in yours - be brave and chase after him/her!
Distance will never be your enemy. Cherish every second you have together.
Listen to each other, feel the subtle care and tenderness, and you’ll be even closer.
An unexpected someone may express his/her feelings for you. Give him/her a chance, as he/she might be the right one.
Sparks may light up with someone you work with. Try a little more interaction and give each other a chance.
The one with a different personality and interests from you may unexpectedly be Mr./Mrs. Right.
Do not let work, schoolwork or other trivialities distract you. Have a romantic weekend together and spend time with each other!

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