Family of Slavik

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Family of Slavik Marika Kubinyi SLAVIK, in English a nightingale, is a small bird best known for its powerful and beautiful song. Slavik ,as it is pronounced, evokes the name of a big ethnolinguistic group, namely the Slavs. But, most importantly, SLAVIK is the name of our Slovak Folklore Society – a Society that is … Read more

The Susan Point Family

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Susan Point Family Family Stories The family of renowned Musqueam artist Susan Point share their history and insight having grown up under her loving guidance. Kelly Cannell and Thomas Cannell reminisce about the memories of seeing their mother work on her art in their backyard and the strong influence of nature on their own works, … Read more

Rasto’s View of Connecting Cultures

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Rasto’s View of Connecting Cultures Rasto Kral OJ, BRATIA, MOJO BRATIA Oj, bratia, mojo bratia, po svete sa tratia. Oj, jeden je v Kanade, druhý pride zajtra. Hej, rodina, rodina, svetom rozídená. Hej, veľa rokov prejde, kým sa ona zíde. Slovak folk song from beginning of 20th century which talks about migrations of people to … Read more

Celebrating Têt With Vi An by Vi-An Diep

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Celebrating Tết With Vi An Family Stories Vi An is very proud to have this fine opportunity to present her very precious, personal, sacred and touching way of celebrating the Lunar New Year, as passed on from generations through her MaMa’s guidance.  She is honoured to be representing the lesser known Vietnamese/ Chinese perspectives and … Read more

The Pavavaljung Family

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Pavavaljung Family Family Stories For hundreds or thousands of years, the Pavavaljung family of the Paiwan have always been known as Pulima, the people who are not only great craftsmen but also great storytellers.  For the past century, three generations of the Pavavaljung, celebrated both their own lives and the family’s core value in ways … Read more

The Island Family

The Island Family Family Stories Inside of a rundown cinema-turned-recording-studio in Taipei, the LunarFest team hosts a special concert; it is a concert for people who might have left their birthplaces or homes for one reason or another.  Every family, every community, and every culture is always full of stories which often spark great conversations. … Read more

Family Stories

LunarFest Family Stories-02 The Pavavaljung Family

Family Stories LifeStyle We each come from different backgrounds and our family stories and history have helped shape who we are. During times of celebration, families usually come together and recount stories from the older generations to the younger generations. While gatherings have looked different due the current global health crisis, The Family Stories aims … Read more