Lost but Not Forgotten

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Lost but Not Forgotten Darren Ramdour VPD Cst Darren Ramdour shares a re-telling of the arduous journey of a relative who found himself on the African island nation of Mauritius. It is a gripping tale of how a young child started a life anew, and the legacy it leaves for future generations. But above all, … Read more

Cousin Connections

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Cousin Connections Darren Ramdour VPD Cst Darren Ramdour shares with us a family photo with his first cousins who come from all over the world to attend a wedding back home in Mauritius. In times when we cannot meet family in person, it’s photo portraits like these that help us remember the fond memories together. … Read more

Story of the Queen Alungoo

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Story of the Queen Alungoo D.Batmunkh Artist D.Batmunkh’s Story of the Queen Alungoo, an ancestor of Chingis Khan (great grandmother – 11th generation) and her five sons. Queen Alungoo had five sons, but none of them got along with the others. The queen didn’t know how to bring peace into her family. Then one day … Read more

A Living Space Proposal by Luoan Liao

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A Living Space Proposal Luoan Liao Without warning, the pandemic broke out and disrupted people’s daily routine: activities were called off; public gatherings were banned. In a society that holds social engagements in high regard, what should people do after being deprived of social events? Subjectivity shall, though only being completed through social interactions with … Read more