The Journey of Bánh Chưng

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The Journey of Bánh Chưng Nhat-Anh Bánh chưng is a Vietnamese traditional dish during the celebration of Tết – the Lunar New Year in Vietnamese. Bánh chưng can be compared to zong, a traditional Chinese sticky rice dish. The main difference is that bánh chưng is made in square shape. This square represents the Earth. … Read more

Flavours of Home

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Flavours of Home Tony Khounviseth Tony enjoys cooking for friends and families, it’s a pleasure for him to see people eat the food that he has cooked for them. Food brings such joy, satisfaction and togetherness. There is a saying in Laos: If you don’t eat sticky rice (kao neil) you are not considered Laotian. … Read more

A Table of Two Countries

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A Table of Two Countries Julianne Nieh Lunar New Year has always held a special place in my heart. Having grown up in a Korean-Taiwanese household, I remember celebrating this holiday in a myriad of ways. On one hand, I would eat delicious Korean rice cake soup made by my mother, while on the other … Read more

The Untold Story of Shacha Sauce

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The Untold Story of Shacha Sauce Lin-Yi Tseng For Taiwanese people, Shacha sauce is a kitchen staple and a must-have sauce for hot pots.  However, very few actually know that Shacha sauce had its origin traced back to Malacca in Malaysia.  From this untold story of Shacha, offers an opportunity to take a deeper dive … Read more

Melting Pot I Think Not

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Melting Pot, I think not! Migrants inTaiwan Family dinners are an important tradition for all cultural celebrations; the Lunar New Year is no exception. With 2021 LunarFest, Family Dinners takes on a different meaning as the world still struggles with the lingering pandemic. Taiwan is one of the very few places in the world where … Read more