Story06-Pege-Rasto's View of Connecting Cultures

View of Connecting Cultures

Rasto Kral


Oj, bratia, mojo bratia,

po svete sa tratia.

Oj, jeden je v Kanade,

druhý pride zajtra.

Hej, rodina, rodina,

svetom rozídená.

Hej, veľa rokov prejde,

kým sa ona zíde.

Slovak folk song from beginning of 20th century which talks about migrations of people to Amerika, seeking work and better life.

– Translation of the song –

Oh brothers, my dear brothers,

All over the world are wondering.

Oh, one is in Canada,

The second one is also pondering.

Oh family, family,

By the whole world we‘re separated.

Oh many years will go by 

Before our reunion will be celebrated.

Sigle 06-Family Story-Artist-Rasto’s View of Connecting Cultures

Rasto Kral

An active member of the SLAVIK Slovak Folklore Society, Rasto is a musician at heart, and he uses this music as a context to explore the world, infusing the knowledge he gains from his travels to fuel his creativity and utilizing the wide range of instruments within his Slovak culture.

In partnership with Slovak Folklore Society

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