1-2 Meowli Leopard Cat in Miaoli 客家1

Meowli: Leopard Cat in Miaoli

Raine Lin

Feb 5th 
Virtual Program

The leopard cat is native to Miaoli County of Taiwan. This is also where a lively Hakka community lives. 

Living amongst the plains and hills, people in the Hakka villages of Miaoli are mostly farmers. These farmers use environmentally-friendly agricultural methods to better preserve the land they live in. Miaoli Gongguan is the only place in Taiwan that grows red dates. Besides red dates, chrysanthemum, roselle, and mandarin oranges are also produced there. 

Miaoli has the perfect habitat for leopard cats. How do the Hakka coexist with these wild cats? Let the leopard cat lead you straight to Miaoli County and deep into Hakka culture!

About the Artist

Raine Lin is from the Hakka Village of Miaoli, Taiwan. She was the Chairperson on the Board of Directors of the Golden Village Leisure agricultural district in Miaoli for four years. During those years, she worked with local farmers using sustainable and environmentally-friendly methods to improve the agricultural production of red dates and roselle.

In Taiwan, there are about four million Hakka people. Hard-working is one of the virtues they value the most. “Farm when it’s sunny and read when it rains” is the way Hakka people live. They farm to live and read to educate the next generation for a better future. It is not easy to live in the mountains, but it nurtures us to become a group of people who are diligent, traditional, and frugal, always ready for whatever the future holds.

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