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Don't let wearing a mask stop your smile. Perhaps someone will still be fascinated by the crinkles of your smiling eyes.
The pandemic may have slowed down the speed of the world, but in slowing down, we can better appreciate the scenery along the road.
The furthest distance in the world is when, even though I am in front of you, I still need to wear a mask! Cherish the time you spent hanging out in the past, find time to contact a friend you haven't seen in a long time, and ask them how they are doing!
Because of social distancing, we have discovered a fact: no matter what happens, family will always stay with you!
Hold on to your ideals and keep the passion for your work, this is the only situation where getting fired up is a good thing.
The next vaccine we should get is Happiness! Leave behind the lows of the last few years, and welcome a new future.
The only thing that can hold gatherings now is the human heart! Only by uniting together, regardless of race or culture, and restoring trust between people, can we overcome the damage inflicted by the pandemic.
When the world changes, you need to change even more! It takes 21 days to develop a habit, and working from home gives you the best chance.
The process of vaccination has once again confirmed Friedrich Nietzsche's words, "What does not kill me, makes me stronger." Face all challenges in the new year with courage!
Kindness is stronger than Covid-19. It is contagious even through a screen! Let's be kind to each other together and let happiness spread faster than disease!
Cover your mouth and remain socially distanced, and show your love to your important people with practical actions!
Muscle soreness from exercise has no sequelae. All you need to fight covid-15 is exercise.
The only thing good luck and viruses have in common is that they both have an incubation period. During this incubation period, we need to be cautious and patient with the things around us.
No matter how the virus evolves in the future, only sincere emotions will not mutate. Cherish the ones who have been with you all this time. With each other's support, all of this will eventually pass.
Drawing, playing the piano, editing, woodworking, and rediscovering a long-lost hobby. While we can't go abroad to explore the world, disembark on adventures in your own little universe!
The rapid tests allow us to realize that there is only a fine line between happiness and sadness; to be healthy is to have happiness, and to be able to breathe is bliss!
Under the restrictions of the pandemic, don't forget to unlock your heart, face your emotions bravely, and have a video chat with your friends to relieve your restlessness!
Respect others, accept yourself, and believe that one day, you will no longer need to show your ID card when entering or leaving a restaurant. One day you will no longer need to prove who you are to anyone.
Let alcohol spray help you eliminate the virus, but let it never wash away your love for life; only by removing the past can you open your hands and hold on to the important things.
The person you like shall show positive symptoms to your love! In this absurd and uninhibited world, be brave to love!

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