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Christine Mackenzie

Facilitator / Artist

Christine Mackenzie, from the Kwakiutl Nation, is a Facilitator and Artist who was born in Kelowna, BC. Christine’s mother was a part of the Sixties Scoop and because of that, she had a hard time trying to find her culture and identity. She finds inspiration in the natural world and in the eyes of people willing to learn and share cultural ideas. 

She has been doing art all of her life, having been working as professional Artist and Facilitator for 12 years and mentored by Haida Artist Anastasia Hendry. Christine now helps others in their journey to self identity by creating, sharing and learning together during online or in person workshops, customized to fit the needs of the upcoming artist or organization’s needs.

During Christine’s workshops, she breaks down the steps of creating an art piece, shares her culture, art and protocols, shares meaningfully art work or traditional items, such as traditional musical items, animals hides, and Regalia. Her workshops are suitable for all ages from toddlers to adults in community engagement projects. She also finds a strong desire to work with teachers to strengthen the growing curriculum by offering professional development workshops. Christine has worked with many school districts and youth/family organizations all across the Lower Mainland. 

Her art has been a part of four art shows, displayed at the Vancouver Convention Center during the holidays and she has illustrated/co-written three books. Christine’s latest accomplishments include creating a logo for the transit police that will be displayed on all of their vehicles around Greater Vancouver.

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