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We each come from different backgrounds and our family stories and history have helped shape who we are. During times of celebration, families usually come together and recount stories from the older generations to the younger generations. While gatherings have looked different due the current global health crisis, The Family Stories aims to share these stories with you virtually. In partnership with LunarFest, join us as we talk with some of the artists and their works of art.

Wei Jie Huang / Taiwanese
Toru Hayakawa / Japanese
Jiya Urianghai / Mongolian & Taiwanese 

Pavavaljung Family  / Paiwan People, Taiwanese

Vi-An Diep / Vietnamese & Canadian

Janey Chang / Chinese  & Canadian

Rasto Kral / Slovak & Canadian

Marika Kubinyi / Slovak & Canadian

Darren Ramdour / Mauritian & Canadian

Susan Point Family / Musqueam People, Canadian

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