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Family of Slavik

Marika Kubinyi

SLAVIK, in English a nightingale, is a small bird best known for its powerful and beautiful song.

Slavik ,as it is pronounced, evokes the name of a big ethnolinguistic group, namely the Slavs.

But, most importantly, SLAVIK is the name of our Slovak Folklore Society – a Society that is formed by a group of very special people. Every person involved in this Society loves the Slovak culture, the Slovak language, Slovak heritage and folklore and they show it by being active members of this Society. We chose to live far, far away from our home land, the land of our ancestors, but we remain in our hearts true Slovaks. Here, in beautiful British Columbia, away from our closest families, we formed a big family founded on our love for our folklore, and we strive to show everyone how wonderful our SLOVAKIA is.

We spread the word about our culture through dance, songs, music, costumes, exhibitions, and we also teach our children to appreciate our Slovak culture and to be proud of their roots. And, above all, we teach them to understand, to love, and to respect our both countries and be proud SLOVAK – CANADIAN citizens.

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Marika Kubinyi

Marika is an active leader of SLAVIK Slovak Folklore Society.

In partnership with Slovak Folklore Society

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