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Vi An is very proud to have this fine opportunity to present her very precious, personal, sacred and touching way of celebrating the Lunar New Year, as passed on from generations through her MaMa’s guidance.  She is honoured to be representing the lesser known Vietnamese/ Chinese perspectives and practices around Lunar and Spring festival times.  Her family focused on ritualistic practices around shrines and alters for ancestors within the home and Mahayana Buddhist temples. The great importance placed upon continuous veneration of the Kuan Yin Bodhisattva, along with extensive invocation of loved ones past, present and future.  Ultimately the profound intention through offerings, along with active meditation towards the goal of preservation and liberation of all Sentient Beings, with the Earth, including all creatures, from needless suffering.

Vi An Diep 

Self-taught since age 6, Vi An is a multi disciplinary artist and proponent of Asian long-plucked zither instruments, from:  Vietnam, the 17 to 26 stringed đàn tranh; including the Japanese 13 – 25 stringed koto (琴) and the Chinese 23 – 30 stringed zheng (箏). 

Adopted as an infant near Sài Gòn, VN – by a MATRIARCHAL family, where MaMa, whose mixed Chinese, Cambodian, Vietnamese and Huiyang (惠阳) Hakka Heritages had a profound impact for the best. Her living legacy resounds in the music and with every step, a booming gratitude roars forth! Immigrated to Canada, Calgary AB in 1984 and finally  in 1989 became Canadians. All made possible by the sponsorship of oldest sister, Julie Trinh, who endured a life or death journey by boat to Canada around 1980.

Recently inducted into the Southeast Asian Cultural Heritage Society (SEACHS) as their Recording Music Artist Associate in December of 2020. For much more professional information for this artist please feel free to reach out to Vi An via her website contact.

Vi-An Diep

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