Ysadora Dias

Whispers of the Soul Coastal City Ballet Ysadora Dias With this performance, my family finally has the opportunity to watch me dance with Coastal City Ballet. It’s something I never thought would be possible because they are so far away. I am especially grateful that my grandmother, my person, will get to watch me. I … Read more

Thys Armstrong

Whispers of the Soul Coastal City Ballet Thys Armstrong My dance family has been supporting me since a very young age. They include all my dance friends, my teachers, dance partners, mentors and so many more. In particular, the community in Vancouver has been very crucial to my understanding of what community means. It has … Read more

Shiho Okada

Whispers of the Soul Coastal City Ballet Shiho Okada I am happy that my family will be able to get to see me dance. With them in Japan, the time difference usually makes it too difficult for us to connect. With a virtual performance, they will finally get the chance to see me and I … Read more

Samuel Ramos

Whispers of the Soul Coastal City Ballet Samuel Ramos My family has not had the chance to see me perform for a long time. With this opportunity, they will finally get to see me perform. I am so happy to have the chance to perform for them, seven though they are thousands of miles away. … Read more

Olivia Patiakas

Whispers of the Soul Coastal City Ballet Olivia Patiakas To me, this new ballet has really allowed me to reflect on this past year. The central message of the ballet that I most connect with is the importance of unity and sharing our experiences with those around us that we care about. Our main character … Read more

Marco Escalante

Whispers of the Soul Coastal City Ballet Marco Escalante In September 2009, I was not a dancer and a friend asked me to participate in a performance because there were no boys in her school. I would never have imagined myself dancing before because – besides Ballet is “just for girls”- there is no one … Read more

Lilah Fitzgerald

Whispers of the Soul Coastal City Ballet Lilah Fitzgerald Ever since I could talk, I would say one thing: I wanted to be an actorsingerdancer — all one word, just like that. Because to me, it was one thing. It was my future. My family lived on a ski hill in the Okanagan, with the … Read more

Jordan Cooper

Whispers of the Soul Coastal City Ballet Jordan Cooper I remember receiving an email over the winter break; we were finally getting the opportunity to perform a real ballet on a real stage. For the first time in over a year, I was going to be able to do what I truly love. As Iʼm … Read more

Igor Gomes

Whispers of the Soul Coastal City Ballet Igor Gomes I would like to say a big thanks to LunarFest for giving us the opportunity to perform. The last 11 months have been hard for everyone, especially for some of us newcomers to Canada that have to experience this whole situation far away from our family. … Read more

Giovanni Rizzo

Whispers of the Soul Coastal City Ballet Giovanni Rizzo My family has always supported me in my dreams and I am forever grateful for that. They have been there whenever I have a need – whether financially, emotionally, or mentally. It was hard for my mom to let me go, but she understood that I … Read more