West End Wishes


West End Wishes Lady Hao Hao Jan 30th – Feb 15thCardero Street & Robson Street Fulfilled, Fortune, and Good (滿 福 好)—are a wish for the community and a hope for the future, that the Year of the Tiger may fill our bellies and also bring us good things to share. These three characters are … Read more

Meowli: Leopard Cat in Miaoli

1-2 Meowli Leopard Cat in Miaoli 客家1

Meowli: Leopard Cat in Miaoli Raine Lin Feb 5th Virtual Program The leopard cat is native to Miaoli County of Taiwan. This is also where a lively Hakka community lives.  Living amongst the plains and hills, people in the Hakka villages of Miaoli are mostly farmers. These farmers use environmentally-friendly agricultural methods to better preserve the … Read more

Emergence: Out of the Shadows

1-8 EMERGENCE Out of the Shadows_Sher-2

EMERGENCE: ​Out of the Shadows Sher Vancouver LGBTQ Friends Society Feb 6th | 3:00 pm – 5:00 pmVirtual Film Screening + Q&A In traditional Lunar New Year celebrations, family is the centerpiece. But family can be a complicated space to navigate. LunarFest has always been invested in welcoming everyone into the family, from communities who … Read more

Tsagaan Sar

1-6 Tsaagan Sar 1

Tsagaan Sar BC Mongolian Feb 5thVirtual Program Tsagaan Sar is one of the most significant events for Mongolian people. According to the Lunar Calendar, at the beginning of the year, Mongols celebrate a New Year called White Moon, or “Tsagaan Sar” in the Mongolian language. From the beginning when Chinggis Khaan reigned as a King … Read more

2022 LunarFest School Outreach

School Outreach Lantern Workshop

School outreach January 10 to February 2 Workshop Application – Closed – Like precious jewels nestled in a treasure box, animals living in nature should also be protected and cherished. When we come “Together, Stronger” to care for our shared home on Earth, there is no end to what we can achieve. Ushering in the … Read more

2022 LunarFest Event Date & Location


2022 Event Dates & Locations Year of the Tiger MAP šxʷƛ̓ənəq Xwtl’e7énk Square (Vancouver Art Gallery North Plaza) The Lantern City / January 27 to February 9LunarFest Celebrations (Virtual Programs) / February 5 to 6 Program Schedule The Lantern City January 27 to February 9 LunarFest Celebrations(Virtual Programs)February 5 to 6 Program Schedule MAP Granville … Read more

2022 LunarFest Artistic Direction


Together, stronger Artistic Direction Tigers are solitary creatures and not one tiger is alike. For humans, each of us has a unique soul, and our differences form the treasures of humanity. Tigers are humble animals, known for their patience and determination. For humans, these traits are virtues that often determine whether one is accomplished or … Read more