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Astrology Reading

Acharya Rajesh

Feb 5th | 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Feb 6th | 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Virtual Fortune Telling

Astrology reader Acharya Rajesh will help you figure out the answers to your worries and determine your future by examining your birth dates and the stars. Please have the date/time/location of your birth ready in order to have a quality astrology reading.

About the Artist

Acharya Rajesh is a god-gifted clairvoyant who has been helping people for over thirty years. Whether it is astrology, palmistry, photo reading, aura reading, channeling, or negativity/spirit removal, he does it all with equal ease. One of the unique specialties of Acharya Rajesh is being able to see attached entities/spirits.

Born into an atheist family, there were no initial takers for Acharya Rajesh’s visions and insights. He was always admonished that he was over imaginative. It was only much later, when the visions and insights of Acharya Rajesh started unfolding, that family members started taking him seriously.

He now uses his god-gifted talent to guide you in various matters that could range from understanding your cycles/oblique patterns, planetary influences, time periods, and hidden potential. He can also help resolve issues from the past, decode answers from your spiritual guides, and help connect you to mystical realms.

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