Hakka Starry Skies

Jan 20th – Feb 9th
Cardero Street & Robson Street

Oil-paper umbrellas often appear in weddings, religious celebrations, and special occasions in Hakka culture. They symbolize various meanings of good luck. The round shape relates to the idea of “contentment” and the words “oil-paper umbrellas” are homophones for a blessing that newlyweds may be happy and have healthy children.

Kaohsiung Meinong is a well-known Hakka settlement in Taiwan, and also an important producer of oil-paper umbrellas in Taiwan. This exhibition is possible with the support of the Kaohsiung City Government for its assistance in sharing traditional Hakka crafts with Canada through LunarFest & The Lantern City. This installation is created in collaboration with the West End Business Improvement Association.

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Stay up to date on our cultural events

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