Project 1

Persimmon Dye Workshop

National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute

Artist: Chen Ching-Lin

Dye / Fabric artist

This year’s LunarFest School Outreach Program is a dye workshop using persimmon dye all the way from Taiwan. Dubbed the Town of Persimmons, Xinpu Township in Hsinchu County grows an abundance of persimmons. 

One day, the grannies at the persimmon processing factories realize their handprints, sticky with persimmon juice, leave beautiful stains on the walls. And so the idea of using persimmons as dye to make art was born!

Persimmons are considered lucky, and often eaten during the Lunar New Year. The bright orange is the colour of good fortune. Let’s be curious like rabbits and discover more colours around us!

A little bit of chemistry, a lot of creativity, and a fun craft that inspires us all to think about our environment in a refreshing and artistic way. The Persimmon Dye Workshop invites students to open up their curiosity like the hopping rabbits, and join us for a Year to Imagine!

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About Our Partner:

National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute

“Crafts are the symbols of culture, and artisans are the pioneers of culture.” With these principles in mind, the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute (NTCRI)  works to promote crafts and nurture craft workers. In recent years, they have focused on introducing Taiwan’s crafts to the world. Toward this goal, they have been working to create legal frameworks, train skilled individuals, encourage regional cooperation and develop new markets. NTCRI is grateful that traditional handicrafts have now found their place in this knowledge-based economy. A 21 century renaissance for Taiwanese crafts is at hand!

About The Artist:

Chen Ching-Lin

Chen Ching-Lin is a prominent dye and fabric artist from Taiwan. Since 1998, he has been integrating disciplines of art, design, colour theory, botany, and folk crafts to conduct research on natural dyeing in Taiwan. He established the first set of systematic natural dyeing books in Taiwan and the Chinese-speaking world. He has published many books related to dyeing and weaving since then. 

Aware that the art of natural dyeing in Taiwan is gradually declining, Chen Ching-Lin assisted in the revival of the Sanxia Indigo dye art, and the development of dye and weaving technology in 12 communities across the country. In recent years, he has been engaged in the promotion of crafts for adults, and the development of natural dye craft in both college education and social education.

Chen Ching-Lin’s artworks emphasize an appreciation of nature and the environment. His fabric art showcases the diversity and richness in nature. Natural dye artworks are saturated with the vibrant colours found in the natural world. Chen Ching-Lin has mastered using indigo dyes to create landscape paintings filled with a sense of grandeur.

Project 2

Rabbit Craft Workshop

Yen-Chun Lu

Paper Artist

Along the way, she meets helpful friends, Frog and Mr. Bat. Will they succeed in making Bunny’s dream come true? 

It’s the Year of the Rabbit, and we love how they hop, hop, hop forwards with energy! Let’s ignite our curiosity and follow Bunny on her fantastic adventure. Where will they go? Will her dream come true? You decide!

Every one of us has a Bunny in our heart. Using coloured pens and paper, let’s bring that Bunny to life!

About the Artist

A professional paper artist, known for her simple but sophisticated and creative crafts. She recently curated the exhibition to showcase the profound bond between the local farmers in Taiwan and the land itself, as well as the relationship between food and the natural environment, allowing people to reflect and be aware of the way we eat in order to drive change.

Inspired by the Pop-Up Tunnel book, she has used her talents to build “the way back home to Gongliao” as a reflection of herself, nature and the land. She has also participated in various events, such as World Food Day and Citizen of the Earth, Taiwan alongside her crafts. She believes that art has the power to unite everyone, and utilizes talents to make a contribution to society.

It is not difficult to discern how her beloved Taiwan influences her works. She values the land she grew up in, and uses her creations to find the connections and similarities between Taiwan and Canada.

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