2023 LunarFest Vancouver - Artstic Direction

Year to Imagine

Artistic Direction

Under the snow-white moonlight
round and mellow with big red eyes…

Is it empty space or gentle warmth?
Are you able to see your possibilities in its infinity?

Is it a juicy apple or good fortune?
Are you able to see your uniqueness within its vibrancy?

A shape
Is it a frame or is it a cage?
Or does it allow you to see the edges of your own horizons

A hop
Is it a dancer or just the breeze?
Or do you see the freedom in your creativity?

Is it distance or fullness?
Or does it shed light on your courage?

In the sprawling universe within time, we all embark on our own journey
With burrowed knowledge we fill a meadow with the ideals of our unlimited imagination
From ordinary to extraordinary, from restraint to release, from cowardice to courage 

Imagination gave us that unique and determined rabbit in our hearts
Each one is as special as each one of us!

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