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Visual Arts

There is always a picture, a painting, an artwork, or a special scent that we associate with our families. The pandemic might have kept us apart from our families, but no one can stop us from thinking about the people who are closest to us.

The Family Portraits aims to share artworks from artists whose stories will bring us warmth, smiles, or laughs.  From a moment in our lives to a glimpse from far away, those memories carry so much emotions; additionally, our thoughts for those people who we don’t share kinship with makes everyone in our bigger family better.

Do you have a Family Portrait you want to share?

Cindy Wume / Taiwanese

Meng Yun Chiang / Taiwanese

Luoan Liao / Taiwanese

Ying Hsiu Kuo / Taiwanese

D.Batmunkh / Mongolian & Canadian

Darren Ramdour / Mauritian & Canadian

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Stay up to date to receive our new CULTURAL PROGRAMS

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