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Lucky charms have been in use throughout the world for more years than anyone could possibly count. Every culture and country has a different symbol or practice that they believe brings them luck. 

In Western cultures, there are customs like spotting a four-leaf clover will bring great fortune that day, or hanging a horseshoe will give protection to your home. In Asian cultures, Taiwanese have a fortune bag which carries God’s blessings and they hang in vehicles for safe travel, while Japanese pray for talismans to give to pregnant women for a smooth delivery or to students for good exam scores.

In your culture, what kind of lucky charms do you have? What do they mean to you? 

2020 LunarFest School Tour would like to invite all teachers and students to explore lucky charms from different cultures to celebrate the Lunar New Year together.

Here are the steps to participate:

Step 1: Book Your Workshop Date

School Tours start from January 6th to January 22nd, 2020. Applications are open now until December 23rd! There are limited sessions available, so book yours NOW!

Step 2: Students’ Preparation before the Workshop

Before the LunarFest team goes to schools for the workshop, the students should have their lucky charm drawing and description prepared. Students can draw the lucky charms with parents’ input at home or it can be a class idea for teachers to explore the different lucky charms and their cultures with students.

Step 3: LunarFest School Tour Workshop

2020 LunarFest Always Lucky School TourOn the day of the workshop, the LunarFest team will teach students to use origami to complete the lucky charms they created.  Our team will collect all students’ work and display the selected ones at the Always Lucky Collage Exhibition during the LunarFest Celebrations.

Step 4: Always Lucky Collage Exhibition

We encourage students and teachers to come visit the exhibition that is showcasing their work during the LunarFest Celebrations.

LunarFest Celebrations :

  • Date: January 25th – 26th, 2020
  • Venue: Vancouver Art Gallery North Plaza, 750 Hornby St, Vancouver
school tour-葫蘆-01
school tour-葫蘆-02
school tour-葫蘆-03

Special Featured Activity: The Kitchen Runners

2020 LunarFest also features a special activity – The Kitchen Runners to celebrate the Year of the Rat. The Kitchen Runners, is a mice race track game in which each mouse racer runs around to discover where the delicious Asian cuisine is. 

2020 LunarFest Mouse LanternIn addition to making origami lucky charms, our team will also teach students to fold mouse lanterns. The students will take their mouse lanterns home to assemble and decorate. During the LunarFest Celebrations on January 25th and 26th, students can bring back their mouse lanterns to be mounted on a remote control car and enjoy a blast race with friends from different cultural backgrounds. Hooray!

LF_TW_K_工作區域 1 複本 2
LF_TW_K_工作區域 1 複本 3
LF_TW_K_工作區域 1 複本
LF_TW_K_工作區域 1

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