The Ratafoodie

He is an internationally acclaimed foodie, born with an extraordinary sense of taste. He will go to many lengths to sample cuisine from kitchens all over the world. Some people say he is cute, some a trickster or a nuisance. Join us in welcoming him to Canada for the Lunar New Year as he brings good luck and good fortune to all!

Smart, dynamic, and agile are all characteristics of the Rat. Riding around in a coffee cup, the Rat is ready to explore different cuisines. LunarFest has specially designed this year’s lantern to bring a cup of joy to this culinary adventure! 

Once the Lantern is assembled, join us in our “Kitchen Runners” program and have your lantern race around on remote controlled cars through our huge food forest.Who will come out on top? Come celebrate the year of the Rat at LunarFest and take home your very own Ratafoodie Lantern!

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