Lunar Crafts

There is a quiet beauty in art that has passed through generations of tradition as families around the world prepare for their festivities of the Lunar New Year. From spring couplets that are pasted at each doorway to delicately cut paper decorations, or lanterns and decorations of fruit, each gesture symbolizes a family’s wishes for another auspicious year. 

Since long ago, these decorations have not only been made by skilled artisans, but were also often prepared by families at home. Many of these artworks were created from paper that depicted, in a poetic nature, the changing of seasons and had a sense of appreciation for long-standing traditions.

In the Lunar Crafts workshops at LunarFest, Canadians can experience the joy of decorating their homes during the Lunar New Year with their own creations of handmade paper art. Anyone can express their own stories of self and family through art with the use of creative designs and colourful aesthetics. In welcoming the Year of the Golden Rat in 2020, LunarFest has prepared
“Fortune Endless”, “Baby Rat”, “Mini Lantern”, “Fruit of the Crown” and other handicraft workshops available for everybody to enjoy. We welcome our friends who love handmade arts and crafts to come to LunarFest for the Lunar New Year!

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