Who are the ones that illuminate a light for those in need? To those that wander in darkness, we act as beacons and lighthouses, to shine a pathway towards making the world a brighter place.

LunarFest has designed 12 Pig Heroes from different countries, each one dressed in iconic outfits, ready to help you make the world a better place.

Each Hero has a QR code where you can discover many organizations making a difference in your community and around the world. Just as they help others, these organizations also need our support so they can continue to change the world. We can be heroes too!

Ready to go?
  1. Scan the QR code on the back of the Pig Hero lantern, to view the charities.
  2. Explore the page to learn about various charities and organizations and their mission.

Learn ways to help these groups through their website, and see what support they may need, to help make the world a better place!

The Society of We Are Canadians Too

The Society of We Are Canadians Too’s mission is to advance the public’s appreciation of the visual and performing arts by producing art exhibitions, presentations, and performance arts events, and by proving a forum for qualified artists to exhibit, present, or perform their artistic works through participation in such events.

SWACT also creates arts related workshops and seminars in the community to advance education and increase the public’s understanding and appreciation of the visual and performing arts.  These workshops / seminars will enable students of the various art forms to develop and refine their techniques with acknowledged experts in their field.  

The Greater Vancouver Food Bank

While the Greater Vancouver Food Bank continues to provide assistance to help address the immediate needs of the community, we also recognize that emergency food as a stand-alone is not a long-term solution. Our goal is to build strong, connected communities through the power of food, and we employ the principles of sustainability, education and training, and quality nutrition to achieve this goal.

Rainbow Refugee

Founded in 2000, Rainbow Refugee is a Vancouver based community group that supports people seeking refugee protection in Canada because of persecution based on sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression (SOGIE) or HIV status. We support and assist LGBTQ+ refugee claimants in BC through facilitated peer support, referrals, system navigation and accompaniment and are proud to steward the Rainbow Refugee Assistance Project, a Blended Private Sponsorship Agreement in partnership with Immigration, Refugees Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Through this program LGBTQ+ communities in more than 14 municipalities across Canada have sponsored LGBTQ+ refugees. We bring the perspectives of LGBTQ+ refugees into refugee policy and practice through knowledge exchanges, briefs and testimony to parliament, public and service provider education.

Children of the Street Society

Children of the Street Society’s mission is to take a proactive approach through public awareness, education and early intervention strategies to prevent the sexual exploitation and human trafficking of children and youth, while offering support to families. Each year we deliver 500+ workshops to 25,000 youth on how to keep themselves safe from sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

Covenant House Vancouver

Providing love and hope to Vancouver’s homeless and at-risk street youth. We help young people aged 16 to 24 who have fled physical, emotional and sexual abuse; those who have been forced from their homes; and those who have aged out of foster care. 

The kids that come to us for help feel abandoned, rejected and alone. They’ve often faced terrible situations in their past. They are victims of physical and sexual abuse, they’ve suffered human trafficking, or they have witnessed drug and alcohol misuse by their family members. As a result, the physical and emotional trauma has affected them and caused them to flee their homes, seeking refuge on the streets. We’re here to fight against the crisis of homelessness; to give these youth a fresh start and a source of unconditional love and absolute respect. At Covenant House Vancouver, we’re more than just a shelter or transitional housing. With us, young people always have a place to call home and a family that genuinely cares for them.

The Animal Welfare Foundation of Canada

The Animal Welfare Foundation of Canada (AWFC) aims to achieve measurable positive change in improving the lives of animals in Canada, through funding innovative educational, research and public outreach initiatives. We fund initiatives that broaden society’s understanding of and compassion for the biological, sociological and psychological needs of animals

The Children’s Breakfast Clubs

Our Mission
To enable each community to provide nurturing care and social/educational stimulation for school age children while serving nutritious breakfast meals.

The Program. The Objectives
When a child goes to school, there are basic requirements. Most of them, we take for granted – an alert mind, a stomach that doesn’t growl all day, a decent meal to start the day, for instance, so the mind is conditioned and the stomach isn’t growling.

The Children’s Breakfast Clubs aims to make certain that every child in the city gets a healthy start to the day. Nutritious, appetizing breakfasts are served every morning to thousands of kids across Toronto.

Of course, it goes farther than nourishment. The Breakfast Clubs also provide children with emotional support. The responsiveness of our staff, volunteers and guests offer a welcoming, stable environment.


Ronald McDonald House BC & Yukon

When the unthinkable happens and a family must travel to Vancouver for their child’s critical medical treatment, there are many barriers they must overcome to stay together. Hotel stays are expensive, siblings need to be cared for and staying in the hospital long term isn’t sustainable. That’s where RMH BC comes in, providing accommodation, comfort, compassion and a sense of community to these families in need. Help keep BC families close when their child is seriously ill.

BC Cancer Foundation

We are the fundraising partner of BC Cancer. Every dollar we raise stays right here at BC Cancer to advance research and enhance care for the people of B.C.

At the BC Cancer Foundation we believe that with your help BC CAN make a difference in the lives of all British Columbians. We know that one in two people in our province will face cancer in their lifetime and we’re igniting progress to break down cancer, piece by piece, in the labs and clinics.

BC CAN improve treatments for patients. BC CAN harness genomics to save lives. BC CAN prevent cancer for the next generation.

By working with people like you, who believe that investments in science and enhancements to care can make a significant difference for British Columbians, we are confident that BC CAN change the outcome for each person facing this disease.

The progress is real.

With incredible leaps in science and technology and the generous support of donors, BC Can

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